Project 03



A time capsule is a historical treasure of goods or information, usually intended to act as a means of communication with people in the future. (definition from Wikipedia).


In Israel today, the coastline and plain are dotted with deserted houses or hirbot, most of which were abandoned in the 1940s, as the demography of the country changed with the formation and establishment of the state of Israel. The identities of most of the original owners are unknown, although occasionally one of the old-timers vaguely remembers something, and sometimes one of these buildings is marked with an "exotic" name that provides a hint of its previous owners, such as, for example, "Chadge Achmed." Those structures are integrated into the landscape, and can be seen in the heart of an orchard or plantation, along the highway or on the outskirts of a village. With their mute presence, these structures signify a memory, a story or a thought about time.


Time takes its toll on the abandoned structures, and in most cases only a dusty frame is left standing. Its perishable parts are gone and in their place remain only openings, windows to the past. Looking at these abandoned structures and their almost mysterious presence, the viewer experiences strong feelings of concern, even fear.


My work contains two stages. The first stage consists of a video documentation of an abandoned structure, moving from the inside outwards. During this stage, I can be seen covering one of the openings using A4-sized paper and transparent scotch tape. This process is repeated three times in three different structures.


In the next stage, I use photos of hirbot that I have taken over the years that are similar in size to a postcard or an album photo. During this stage, I cover the openings of the structures in the photos using tiny paper clippings, which I glue onto these openings. The results resemble miniature versions of the live videos.