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My name is Yael. I’m a product designer, with an M.Des from the Betzalel Academy’s Department of Industrial Design (2013), and a B.Des from the Holon Institute of Technology’s Department of Industrial Design (2007). Lecturer at Achva College's Department of Early Childhood Education. 


Artist’s Statement

In my work, I study the hidden narrative within the complex identity of the reality of life in Israel. I see my personal culture as a complex assortment of eclectic effects, fueled by multiple influences combined with the local context, both private and collective.

My work reflects my childhood landscape, through which I address numerous questions about place, and identity in relation to that place. My surroundings constitute the raw materials for my creation. The scenery talks to me, and I ask it questions using shapes and imageries.  


The materials I use are related to family, home and fundamental existential questions about the world. These questions both permeate and change the objects I design. The  eclectic nature of my thinking plays a major role in the formal language of my work, reflecting my identity, which is filled with conflicts and reflects my impact as a creator.



In 2011 I founded the design studio REBECCA, combining my two loves of creation and education. At REBECCA, I create projects and design concepts while also holding classes, extracurricular courses and art seminars on design and creation. I have been teaching art and design for nearly ten years. In addition, I established and managed a store for Israeli designers.

During my years as a teacher, I've developed a unique approach for guiding the creative process, which I use in all my educational endeavors. Since 2015, I have been involved in research on fostering and preserving creativity in children.


I believe that every person has the capacity for creativity and a creative way of thinking.

If properly cultivated and trained when we are young, creativity can become a tool to help us in all aspects of our adult lives.


So, who is Rebecca?

Rebecca is my middle name, which I like very much. I am named after my grandmother, who was and will always remain a source of inspiration for a way of life and creating. Grandma Rebecca was a skilled seamstress and was well-known in Jerusalem in the 1940s before moving to Moshav Bitzaron, a cooperative agricultural settlement, in 1946. She dedicated her life to her family, raising a large family that surrounded her with love until her last day.


I am living in Bitzaron, married to Yoav and a mother to Ya'arah.




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